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    Dear Friends,

    My family enjoy playing “Spot the Christmas lights”.  Given that it is still November as I write we have been surprised by how many homes have already gone full on with their decorations. I personally have no objection to this as Christmas is a season we should enjoy and these Advent weeks are intended as preparation time. My hope is that we will light up more than our homes and possibly our gardens in this festive season. The Light of Christ has come into the world and the darkness will never extinguish the ray of hope shed by Jesus incarnation.

    From boy to man I have enjoyed every aspect of Christmas. Having the privilege of seeing this across four generation of my family the sense of celebration and thanksgiving has only increased. I realise it is not an easy season for all of us as often vivid memories are triggered that can bring their own unique mix of grief and thankfulness. Loneliness can be magnified when we are separated from loved ones who are far from us. It is into all these situation of joy and pain that the Light of Christ comes.

    I find the Christmas message of God entering into human life with all its ups and downs a great comfort. Jesus was not born into privilege but as a refugee on the run from powerful and brutal people who sought his death. He had the stigma of an illegitimate birth, which was a massive stigma in his day. He was poor and knew hard labour. He died young as powers colluded to snuff out his life. Yet his light is not diminished for love is stronger than death.

    As the news of his birth was given to the young woman Mary so the news of his resurrection was trusted to the women who gathered at day break on that first Easter morning. The Christmas Good News of incarnation touches every aspect on human life from birth to death and beyond into the eternal hope Jesus has won for us.

    I hope we can take comfort from Christ’s nativity whatever our circumstances. God is indeed with us be it in Christmas family celebration or solitude we would not have chosen. Immanuel is our story too as God draws us to himself and invites us to receive once more the Light of Christ.

    Christmas blessings John.


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